Sid Yepuri, referring to myself as a third person ;) is an Indian-born, US-based nature photographer. Contrary to what I shoot now, my love for photography started as I watched fashion photography on TV. Having to procrastinate my initial desire to pursue a career in fashion photography because of socio-economic reasons, I started shooting nature back in 2005 when I was 16, using a point-and-shoot film camera. I still smile at the first photo I thought was worth winning awards.
I got my first DSLR camera, Canon 60D with a basic kit lens, in 2011 and started exploring different genres of photography, including portraits, events, weddings, landscapes, and product photography, trying to find my true passion. After a couple of years of exploration, I was excited to learn that landscape is the genre that gave me the most satisfaction.
Soon after that, I moved to the United States chasing better education and an upcoming technological career in Data Science. I had to take a small break from photography during graduate studies, and when I found a job in my other passion (Data Science), I resumed landscape photography to create images that feed my soul when I'm not in the office creating other types of images, such as data visualizations.
A good friend of mine, a fellow photographer and colleague, got me excited about bird photography and how dynamic that genre is. So I started shooting birds, which extended to shooting wildlife, making me a nature photographer rather than just the landscape photographer I imagined becoming. Well, that's my journey here. I hope you like my work and enjoy your time on the website.

Photography to me: the ART of understanding the SCIENCE of light and presenting it in an aesthetic way.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu!
(Let all the people of the world be happy!)
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